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             Flight Metals

Flight Metals is  your best source for all speciality metals. Our experienced staff can help locate hard-to-find products suitable for your use. Some of our USA manufactured products include:
AMS 4904Titanium 6246
AMS 4919Titanium 6242
AMS 4911AMS 4965
AMS 4984AMS 4975
AMS 5663AMS 5664
AMS 4978DMS 2275
AMS 6930

We are also a Titanium Sheet supplier and a general Titanium Supplier.

Our Specialities

For over 40 years we’ve been able to provide products such as Aluminum, Inconel Sheet Bar,  Nickel, Stainless Steel & Titanium. Our experienced and professional customer support staff can help fill your requirements with our extensive knowledge. The industries we specialize in include aerospace, heat treat, medical and many more.

We also offer competitive pricing on all of our products including hard-to-find materials like:

Titanium 38644 (Beta C)
Titanium 6246
Inconel 718
625 Bar and Sheet
2219, 7475, 2014 Aluminum

Our services also include additional processing flattening, grinding, and heat treat. At Flight Metals, our priority is your satisfaction.