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How to Reduce Weight in Aircraft using Lightweight Metals

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Weight reduction of aircraft is a major concern for the aerospace industry.  Reducing an aircraft's weight can enhance its fuel efficiency, increase its payload capacity, and boost its overall performance. …
Aerospace Titanium

Why Would You Employ Alloys Made of Titanium?

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Why Would You Employ Alloys Made of Titanium? Despite being discovered in 1790, titanium wasn't purified until the early 1900s.  Furthermore, it took until the second half of the twentieth…
Metals Sheet Aluminum

2014 Aluminum Bar and Plate Applications

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As far as aluminum alloys go, few boast the impressive mechanical properties of Aluminum 2014. Admirable strength coupled with excellent corrosion resistance and thermal stability renders it an enticing material…

Aluminum Uses in the Aerospace Industry

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Aluminum is widely used in the aerospace industry due to its lightweight, strength, and resistance to corrosion. It has a density of about one-third that of steel, making it a…