Titanium Plate, Titanium Bar, Titanium Sheet at Flight Metals

We offer various grades of Titanium in many different forms including Round Bar, Plate, Sheet, Block, Tube, and in many different heat treatment conditions.  With applications ranging from aerospace to automotive to desalinization, we will have the grade you require.  Please see the specifications below and send us your requirements for immediate pricing and lead time.

Titanium GradeSpecifications
Titanium 6Al-4VAMS 4911 AMS 4928 AMS 6931 ASTM B265 ASTM B348 AMS T-9046 AB-1 AMS T-9047 AB-1
AMS T-9047 AB1 MIL-T-9046 AB-1 MIL-T-9047 AB-1 DMS 1592 AMS 4967 ASTM F1472 GRADE 5
Titanium 6Al-4V STAAMS 4904 AMS 4965 AMS 6930 AMS T-9046 STA AMS T-9047 STA
Titanium 6Al-4V ELIASTM F-136 AMS 4930 AMS 4931
Titanium CP4 Grade 1ASTM B265 ASTM B348 AMS 4901 ASTM F-67 MIL-T-9046 MIL-T-9047
Titanium CP3 Grade 2ASTM B265 ASTM B348 AMS 4902 ASTM F-67 MIL-T-9046 MIL-T-9047
Titanium CP2 Grade 3ASTM B265 ASTM B348 AMS 4900 AMS 4921 ASTM F-67 MIL-T-9046 MIL-T-9047
Titanium CP1 Grade 4ASTM B265 ASTM B348 AMS 4901 AMS 4921 ASTM F-67 MIL-T-9046 MIL-T-9047
Titanium 8Al-1Mo-1VAMS 4916 AMS 4972 MIL-T-9046 MIL-T-9047
Titanium 6Al-2Sn-4Zr-2MoAMS 4919 AMS 4976 AMS 4979 MIL-T-9046 AB-3 AB-4 MMS1203 DMS 2275
DMS 1879 MIL-T-9046 TY 3 CMP G AMS 4975 MIL T-9047 UNS R54620
Titanium 6Al-2Sn-4Zr-6MoAMS 4981 MIL-T-9047 UNS 56260
Titanium 6Al-6V-2Sn AMS 4918 AMS 4936 AMS 4937 AMS 4971 AMS 4978 AMS 4979 MIL-T-9046 MIL-T-9047 UNS 56620
Titanium 3Al-2.5VASTM B265 ASTM B337 ASTM B338 ASTM B348 ASTM B381 AMS 4943 AMS 4944 AMS 4945 MIL-T-9046 MIL-T-9047
Titanium 5Al-2.5SnASTM B265 ASTM B348 ASTM B381 AMS 4910 AMS 4924 AMS 4926 AMS 4966 MIL-T-9046 MIL-T-9047 COMP A
Titanium 15V-3Cr-3Sn-3AlAMS 4914, AMS 4922
Titanium 3Al-8V-6Cr-4Mo-4Zr AMS 4939 AMS 4957 AMS 4958 MIL-T-9046 MIL-T-9047 UNS 58460 AMS 6921
Titanium 10V-2Fe-3AlAMS 4983 AMS 4984 AMS 4986 AMS 4987
Titanium 5Al-5Mo-5V-3CrMIL-A-46077
All these grades can be supplied in titanium sheet, titanium plate, titanium bar, and other forms depending on availability.