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Titanium Applications: A Look at the Many Ways Titanium is Used in Our Lives

By August 11, 2021Uncategorized

Titanium is used for everything from cars, to medical implants, to military equipment, and more. It’s the sixth most widely used metal in the world. Titanium is a lightweight, strong, stable, tough metal with excellent corrosion resistance. It is resistant to radiation, thermal extremes, oxygen and moisture. One of the most common grades of this metal is Titanium 6Al-4V also known as Titanium Grade 5. Titanium has properties that make it a very interesting metal to work with, as it is versatile and fairly affordable. One common use of Titanium is in aerospace. Its high strength to weight ratio makes it the best material for many military applications, such as bulletproof vests. It also has an excellent corrosion resistance, making it perfect for medical implants, like hip, shoulder, and knee replacements.

Aerospace Applications

Titanium is used in several different products throughout the aerospace industry. Titanium is extensively used in key parts of the new Boeing 787, which helps make up about 80% of the aircraft’s weight. Titanium is also used in the wings of Airbus A380. An aircraft’s wings are only 1/6 the weight of the body and body fairings and the airframe. They also account for about 80% of the weight of the aircraft.  Just imagine having a metal wing weighing 2.6 tons for a plane traveling 6,000 miles! That’s what all the design work and determination from the aircraft manufactures is about. The most popular grade used in aerospace is Titanium 6Al-4V in the annealed condition.  The specification for this grade are for round and rectangular bar and AMS 4911 for sheet and plate.  If the application requires additional strength, this grade can be heat treated creating Titanium 6Al-4V in the Solution Treated and Aged (STA) condition which meets the specs AMS 4965 and AMS 6930 for round and rectangle bar and AMS 4904 for plate.  Some of the other uses include for bulkheads, fuel tanks, landing gear, pylons, and other various structures.  Some examples include end bearings for the Ariane 5 rocket, brakes for supersonic transport aircraft, cabin heat shields for the Space Shuttle, and the face shield on NASA’s Orion spacecraft.

Aerospace Titanium

Medical Applications

Titanium is a versatile metal that has many applications in the medical industry, including surgical instruments and implants. Titanium’s durability makes it perfect for these circumstances as it will not rust or corrode. It also has strength properties that are comparable to steel but much lighter which make titanium the best option for surgical procedures. The unique properties of titanium make it an optimal material choice in the medical field, especially when you consider its cost effectiveness and lack of need for maintenance.  Titanium behaves better in the human body and that is surgeons choose to use this metal instead of other options like stainless steel or aluminum alloy.  The most common grade in the medical industry is Titanium 6Al-4V ELI or Extra Low Interstitials.  The main specification required for this grade is ASTM F136 which covers plate and round bar material.

Medical Titanium Applications

Automotive Applications

Titanium applications in the automotive industry are widespread and varied. Titanium is used in heavy-duty components such as aerodynamic parts in the aerodynamics of the race car, cooling system components in the thermal exhaust systems, engine components, heat shields, fuel cells, brake calipers, cooling housings for turbochargers, and many other parts and components.  The weight to performance ratio makes Titanium optimal for F1 racing and other high performance applications.


Sporting and Recreational Activities Applications

Titanium alloys are not only used in aerospace and automotive applications, but also as the material of choice for sporting and recreational activities. Titanium provides a durable, light weight and lightweight high performance material.  Some of the commercial grades of Titanium are the best choice for fishing rods, golf clubs, and other equipment.

Titanium Golf Clubs 

Titanium is used in a wide variety of applications. Whether its medical, aerospace, automotive, or general manufacturing, it’s likely in one of those fields. Titanium is a strong, lightweight and corrosion resistant metal that has been around for many decades.  This information stated in this article is informational and educational purposes only.

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